Training and Coaching

The art of training is the art of assisting discovery. Training is a calling for us. We are in it because we love it and because we see it as one of the most powerful ways to shape people’s behaviours, impact organisational effectiveness, and societal development.

Our Training Approach is based on the belief that behaviours drive results. We examine mission critical workplace behaviours that are most likely to deliver the desired business results. All our training interventions are custom designed to synthesise these behaviours to become the employee’s new habits at work. This approach has been adopted, tested and validated by us across different industries, hierarchies and cultures and has proven to be highly effective in helping our clients improve their business performance. We use a 5-step process to ensure that our training interventions result in consistent application of learned skills and translate into those desired behaviours at the workplace that are aligned to your business goals.

Instructional Design

All our training material is prepared in-house, based on extensive research on the topic and our experience in human capability development. We use established principles of adult learning, with elements from Bloom’s taxonomy, Kolb’s theory of learning, Will Taylor’s competence model and Gagne’s nine events of training. Shifting the onus of learning to the learner, rather than relying on the training workshop alone as a magic bullet, ensures that learning gains are sustained, which helps the learner develop new habits at work.

Executive Coaching

The essence of coaching lies in helping people realise and unlock their potential to achieve their goals. Many employers now make coaching a core part of their executive development programmes. One-on-one personal interaction with a coach can aid self awareness and provide a focus that other forms of organisation support usually cannot. A coach can not only help a leader grow and improve performance, but also provide a safe atmosphere in which the executive can express fears, challenges and aspirations. Smart CEOs and progressive organisations realise the value of a good leadership coach.

Our Coaches will support and challenge you at the same time, to guide you in becoming more self-aware, build stronger relationships, overcome complex situations and recurring problems, and achieve greater success to be all that you can be, personally and professionally.

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