Recruitment Services

We help you source high quality talent so that you can manage, develop, motivate and retain the right people.

Hiring Challenges in Emerging Economies:

  • Lean HR departments – time and resource constraints
  • Domain knowledge – HR managers sometimes lack expertise
  • Difficulty in sourcing unique roles – vacancies not filled
  • Employer branding issues – difficulty attracting quality talent
  • Drawn out hiring process – candidates drop out of the pipeline

Conventional Recruitment Process:

  • Posting a vacancy
  • CV collation, screening and interview coordination
  • Resources availability for evaluation and interviews
  • Long hiring cycle time
  • Time, effort and opportunity cost for the company

Elevantix Recruitment Process:

Step 1 : Understand company culture, reporting relationships, job description, performance measurement parameters and success factors

Step 2 : Can Do, Will Do, Will Fit assessment (free psychometric assessments on request)

Step 3 : Final qualified short list to client

Why Use Us?

  • Process driven search and evaluation methodology
  • Multi stage process ensures best technical and behavioural fit
  • Psychometric evaluations available on request
  • Reduces number of interviews for you
  • Saves time and effort for your HR and technical resources
  • Improves quality of interviews and new hires – our technical and behavioural evaluation
  • Delivers savings to you

We Promise You

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