Organization Effectiveness Solutions

Engagement. Loyalty. Innovation. High-performance. Higher profits. Social change. Impressive corporate outcomes due to one simple input: encouraging personal growth through Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Many would argue that employee loyalty no longer exists. We disagree. We work with you to develop your corporate culture to earn employee loyalty. Once you understand, embrace, and execute on core values, a cultural shift occurs within your organisation. Loyal employees strengthen your business well beyond your initial and continued investments.

Employee behaviours impact the workplace and are in turn influenced by the organisation culture. This cycle needs to be interrupted and “rebooted” for any significant change to happen.

Have you identified your organisation’s current state and how it needs to evolve? If so, are you being sufficiently intentional about making it happen?

We help you develop and strengthen your values, culture, leadership and employee capabilities and behaviours to create a dynamic and human workplace geared for peak performance – a great place to work and a preferred employer.

Our 4-stage organisation development model:

Current State – evaluation of leadership behaviours, processes and organisation culture
Desired State – the organisation’s hopes, dreams and aspirations
The Road Map – leadership development, process improvement, human capital activation
Tying It All Up – monitoring change, sharing success stories, celebrating and rewarding wins

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